Student of the Month

04/2018 - Congcong

Our May Student of the Month is a sweet little girl named Cong Cong! At only 3.5 years old, she is one of YaGe's youngest students, and she is part of the Toddlers music class that meets on Saturdays. Her favorite animal is the zebra because the stripes are really pretty. Cong Cong's favorite cartoon is Paw Patrol - especially the character named "Chase". She loves to eat meat and blueberries, and her favorite color is yellow. Cong Cong loves to sing and her favorite song from class is the Color Song (it is a song that asks what color you're wearing and then has you stand up, spin, and show everyone). She is excited to continuing learning and singing more songs!

03/2018 - Elsa

Congratulations to our student of the month, Elsa! Elsa is 8 years old and takes piano lessons with Ms. Katie. She likes the color white because it is the color of angels and her favorite food is vanilla ice cream. She also likes Pokemon and ice skating. Elsa's hobbies at home are drawing and reading - she loves to draw and read about animals because she loves animals! Her favorite animal is the wolf because wolves live in the forest and she likes forests. She would love to visit South Africa someday, and when she grows up, she wants to be a zookeeper. For now, she is happy to have a puppy at home named Chocolate.

02/2018 - Haohao

We’re excited to introduce our student of the month, Haohao. Haohao is 8 years old and became a big brother last year. He started taking piano lessons in Spring 2017 with Dr. Jonathan and also attends theory class every week. He loves the Pirates of the Caribbean! Haohao’s favorite color is blue, and his favorite food is ice cream. His favorite animal is a dolphin because they are so cute. He doesn’t know what he wants to do yet when he grows up, but he loves to play with Legos in his free time. Dr. Jonathan is very proud of Haohao because he practices consistently and comes well prepared for his lessons every week!

06/2017 - Shawn

Meet our June student of the month, Shawn! Shawn sings in Cherub Choir, attends theory classes, and takes private piano lessons with Miss Katie. He has been studying piano for 2 years and says that playing the piano is his favorite thing that he studies at YaGe. Shawn is excited to begin 1st grade in the fall. If he could travel anywhere, he would like to visit Beijing because he thinks that there is lots to see and it would be a lot of fun. His favorite movie character is Buzz Lightyear, and when he grows up, he wants to be a diver, but first he has to learn how to swim!

05/2017 - Sarah

Meet Sarah, our student of the month! Sarah is in 2nd grade and has lived in Kunming all her life. A newer student to YaGe, she is currently a part of the recorder ensemble and Cherub Singers. Her teachers say that she has worked very hard since she started studying music! Sarah loves to sing and also enjoys playing with her cat, a little white kitten named “Little Rainbow”. Her favorite color is yellow!

02/2017 - Jason

We are delighted to introduce our student of the month, Jason. He has been with us since he was in our toddlers’ music class and is now a 6th grade violinist. He remembers the class when he was little and says his favorite part was playing with the easy instruments. He wanted to play violin for six months before he was able to start with us and has worked hard ever since he started learning the violin. Now he can find music on the internet and teach himself how to play it. He loves to play fast music because it makes him happy. His other hobbies include football, which he enjoys playing with his friends, and drawing.

11/2016 - Ashlyn

We are pleased to introduce this student of the month, Ashlyn! Ashlyn has been studying violin with us for just over a year. She is 13 years old and has played violin for 6 years. The thing she loves most about violin is the feeling when she plays. She has also played a little on Chinese traditional instruments, including the hulusi and the dizi (flute-like instruments). Other hobbies she enjoys are playing with her dogs, playing badminton, and hiking. She has studied English for 51/2 years and her favorite English movie is "The Transformers." The place she would most like to visit in the world is Palau Island, where she would love to see the Jellyfish.

07/2016 - Tony

We are happy to feature Tony as July's Student of the Month. At seven years old, Tony has studied piano for nine months and is making steady progress. He chose to play the piano because he likes its' sound. One of his favorite songs he has learned is "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." He also enjoys music theory because it is fun and has stories. Tony will soon be in second grade; of his classes at school, he likes art and music best. In his music class, students play accordion, sing, and clap rhythms. Tony's hobbies include running and riding bikes. When he grow up, he wants to be a pilot if he can, or a race car driver. If Tony could choose somewhere to travel, he would go to SanYa and Australia.

06/2016 - Maria

This month, YaGe's feature student is Maria! Maria is a violin student at YaGe, taking one-on-one violin lessons, group violin, and music theory. She is in the first grade and is six and a half years old. Her favorite class is violin small group class because of all the games they play together. She loves to learn new pieces on the violin. Maria has studied English since she was three years old; her current favorite phrase is "just like fire." When Maria grows up, she wants to be a designer. In addition to music, her hobbies include doing crafts, doing makeup, playing chess, and acting.

05/2016 - Clare

Clare is eleven years old and has taken classes at YaGe for over two years - currently, piano and English. Clare likes music and so enjoys her piano lessons, especially playing scales. Her current favorite piece is Black Forest Polka. Clare's favorite parts about English lessons are the story books, the game Clue, and, according to her teacher, playing games as fast as she can. Stories she has read in English include Around the World in Eighty Days, Tristan and Isolde, and Rip Van Winkle. Clare's favorite English words are "No" and "Why." In addition to piano and English, Clare also enjoys drawing, especially rabbits. If she could go to a foreign county, she would choose Switzerland so she could play in the snow.

04/2016 - Zijiang

At six years old, Zijiang is in upper kindergarten and is a very enthusiastic person. He takes private and group violin at YaGe; he started initially because his mother wanted him to, but as he learned more he started to love playing. His favorite piece of music is Beethoven's Ninth Symphony; he listens to whatever music recordings his dad puts on. If Zijiang could play another musical instrument, he would play piano. If he pursued a career in music, he might be a conductor. Zijiang's hobbies include doing crafts, such as paper cuts, and playing with friends.

03/2016 - Julie

This month, we are happy to feature one of our wonderful violin students, Julie! At seven years old, Julie not only studies violin with Miss Christina, but also plays for group class and ensemble and takes bells and theory classes. Of all of these classes, she most likes Bells Class because it is really fun. Julie attends school on the west side of Kunming and thinks recess is the best part of each day. Her favorite TV show is "My Little Pony," because she thinks Princess Celestia, one of the ponies, is very beautiful. If she could be an animal, Julie would like to be a flying unicorn.

01/2016 - Colin

Our featured student this month is Colin. Colin is four years old and currently in kindergarten. Here at YaGe, Colin takes English classes with Miss Morgan. One of his favorite English words right now is "No." He often helps his teacher clean up the classroom. Colin enjoys art - his favorite part of English class is coloring, and he likes drawing mushrooms in his drawing class at kindergarten. His favorite animal is the elephant - da xiang - because it has such a long nose.

12/2015 - Aiyiyi

Our spotlight this month, Aiyiyi, is seven years old and in first grade. She attends Ming Tong Xiao Xue, where she likes all her classes. She especially likes computer class because she can draw using the computer programs. Aiyiyi takes piano and theory at YaGe, and she took art in the past. Her favorite song she is studying right now is Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, from VeggieTales. Fun Facts - 1.

Aiyiyi has a dog named BingQiLin (ice cream) which she named as such because she can't eat ice cream all the time although she would like to. 2. Aiyiyi wears a lot of red because her mom often buys her clothes in this color. She most likes silver and gold because they are shiny. 3. Of the four seasons, she likes Summer and Winter best - Summer because it is warm, Winter because it snows.

11/2015 - Tiger

This November, we are happy to feature one of our violin students, Tiger! In addition to private violin lessons, Tiger attends many classes at YaGe: choir, ABRSM theory, handbells, ensemble, and group violin. A six-year-old, he has excellent English speaking skills and attends a school in downtown Kunming, where his favorite subject is math. In his violin studies at YaGe, Tiger is currently studying Suzuki Book Two, "Two Grenadiers." Tiger likes violin because of the sound; were he to start another instrument, it would be flute. If he were an animal, he would be an eagle because he would like to be able to fly.

10/2015 - Coco

Coco, one of YaGe's piano students, is 9 years old and comes from Kunming. Coco likes to study piano because she loves the sound of the music, and she enjoys listening to music. Her favorite piece is Haunted House, a slightly jazzy piece. In school, her favorite class is also music, where she learns Ming Zu minority music. Coco's other hobbies include oil painting, especially water lilies.

09/2015 - Phoebe

Phoebe is 5 years old and currently in kindergarten, where she studies writing Chinese characters and drawing, among other subjects. Her favorite thing to draw is Hello Kitty, and her favorite animal is a cat. At home, though, she has a chicken. Phoebe takes piano and choir classes at YaGe, and she just started English classes. She likes piano, even if practicing is not her favorite pastime. She also really enjoys English classes, especially the phonetics.

07/2015 - Zihan

Zihan, an almost-6 year old from Kunming, has been studying piano and theory at YaGe since January of 2015. He studied at first with Miss Kara and now studies with Miss Anna. He likes everything about piano and theory, but most of all "the easy things." In fact, piano is his favorite subject! Zihan's favorite song to play is Yankee Doodle, and it makes its appearance in his lesson every week. He also enjoys drawing and playing with toy racecars.

06/2015 - Gwyn

Gwyn recently began studying piano at YaGe with Miss Anna. She is 9 years old and grew up in Kunming; her family is originally from Florida. Before beginning lessons, Gwyn was really interested in learning piano and began to learn some pieces on her own. She enjoys piano because it is fun, and she likes the challenge. Other than piano, her hobbies include skateboarding and being outdoors, as well as studying science at school.

05/2015: Yangyang

Yangyang is 7 years old and has lived in Kunming all his life. He has been coming to YaGe for 5 years and currently takes English classes and piano lessons. In English, he is studying words such as “whistle,” “climb,” and “swing.” His favorite English word is “climb,” because he remembers doing it when he was younger. His favorite subjects in school are English, Music, and Math. When he grows up, he doesn’t know what he wants to be: teacher, doctor, policeman, firefighter, and astronaut are just some of the possibilities!

04/2015: Yazhou

This almost 5-year-old from Kunming has been a YaGe student for about a year and half. He takes group Art and group English classes at YaGe with teachers Allison and Morgan. According to his English teacher, he is earnest, and a hard worker. His favorite part of YaGe classes is drawing in Art class. Drawing, as well as watching TV, are his two favorite things to do. At kindergarten, he most enjoys playing with his friends.

03/2015: Mary

Mary is an eleven-year-old from Kunming who has studied at YaGe since 2013. She studies both private flute and English with Miss Morgan. Her favorite part of YaGe classes is the opportunity to read English. She spends her free time playing tennis as well as other games outside with her friends. In school, she enjoys her physical education class the most because, as she put it, “It’s fun!”

02/2015: Xiaoxi

XiaoXi is a cheerful seven-year-old with an infectious laugh. He has grown up in Kunming, but his hometown is Qujing. He is a long-time YaGe student; he started classes here when he was three years old! He is currently enrolled in Art class, English class, Music Theory class, and the Violin program. When asked what his favorite activity in his YaGe classes is, he says he “likes everything!” For fun he enjoys playing the violin, and his favorite piece of music is Minuet 2 from Suzuki Book 1. 2

01/2015: Maggie

Eleven-year-old Maggie lives in Kunming, but originally comes from Hunan province. She has been a student at YaGe for a little over a year, studying private piano with Ms. Anna and English with Ms. Morgan. She most enjoys playing games in English class, especially the game “Clue.” Her favorite subject in school is English, and as hobbies she enjoys drawing pictures of people and reading stories of many different genres.

12/2014: Wanying

Wan Ying is 5 and ½ years old, and comes from Kunming. She has studied English at YaGe since last year, and started piano lessons this fall. Her favorite part of English class is looking at books, and in her piano lessons she especially enjoys doing studying the theory in her piano lessons. Her favorite subject in school is listening to stories, while her hobbies include playing with toy cars and riding her bicycle.

11/2014: Sunny

Sunny is 6 years old, and comes from Kunming. He first started at YaGe in the Babies Class four years ago, and today takes music theory, art, English, and violin classes at YaGe. His favorite class is violin group class, where his favorite game is the “Prison-Police” game. (The Police can put you in Jail if they see something wrong with your position or notes.) The pieces he likes most are from his Suzuki violin book: Etude and Allegro. His hobbies include riding his bicycle and roller skating.

10/2014: Xinxin

This 10-year-old comes from Sichuan province, but has grown up in Kunming. Her first experience at YaGe was as a member of the 4-5’s Music Exploration Class, which was YaGe’s first ever music group class. Xinxin has studied at YaGe for six years, which makes her YaGe’s longest continuous music student! She currently takes private clarinet and piano lessons, as well as participates in Group Art Class. Her favorite piece right now is a piano arrangement of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. She likes it because, according to her, it has a “beautiful melody.Xinxin likes to read books, and her favorite subject in school is computer skills class because she can play computer games.