English Class

English Classes at YaGe provide our students the opportunity to learn from native English teachers, all within a relaxed environment and one that provides them opportunities to learn to USE English, not just memorize English!

Welcome to our YaGe Little Pockets Classroom!! A fun-filled place full of music, art, creativity and of course...ENGLISH! Our curriculum, Little Pockets includes 8 units which relate to everyday life, focusing on commonly used English works such as: toys, school, family, dress, food, animals, and so on. This class can help the young learner lay a strong foundation for their future English studies.

Welcome to our YaGe Pockets Classroom! A fun-filled place full of music, art, creativity and of course...ENGLISH! This three level course is for children ages 4-6. Students will focus on oral skills and also begin to work on reading and writing. Subjects covered include classroom objects, colors, numbers, etc. Not only will English be presented in a fun, interesting way, but students will also be introduced to age-appropriate values through engaging activities. There are also many different hands-on projects and crafts that students will create and be able to practice their English skills in a practical way.

In our YaGe English classes, students learn to USE their English in a natural setting!

These classes provide students a great opportunity to learn English through stories, creative activities, and of course...fun! Hip Hip Hooray! is a six-level course for students ages 6+. Creative story lines help make grammar fun and easy to learn, as well as demonstrate practical use of the target language. Students will use creativity in dialogs, skits, and other activities to use their new English skills and apply them in practical situations. These classes also prepare your student for future travel and study abroad!!

In our Intermediate English Classes, students begin to delve into more advanced vocabulary and grammatical structures using the upper levels of the Hip Hip Hooray! curriculum, as well as getting a chance to practice their speaking within a low-pressure and encouraging environment.

Students in these classes learn through listening to and reading interesting stories, reading and writing exercises targeted at learning difficult English grammar structures, and playing games which offer fun opportunities for speaking practice. These classes also prepare your student for future travel and study abroad!!

Adults these days spend a lot of time and money on their child’s education, but fail to spend it on themselves because they are afraid they are too old to learn!! At YaGe we believe everyone has the skill needed to become a fluent English speaker. We have designed our adult classes to meet the needs of the adult student, providing them the encouragement they need to believe in themselves, and the practical language they need to face the challenges of the future. Will you be travelling abroad? Will your student study abroad? Join our YaGe English class to equip yourself for your families’ future!!