A.B.R.S.M… motivating students of all ages and levels!

This year, ABRSM is celebrating its 125th year anniversary! Each year over 600,000 students participate in their world renowned exams, recognized by over 90 countries around the world.

Over the past 8 years, YaGe has been preparing students to participate in the annual ABRSM exams, which are now located within China. Over 38 YaGe piano, violin, and theory students, grades 1-8, have participated. Because our YaGe foreign teachers are quite familiar with foreign testing systems, and because our music curriculum has been designed to develop well rounded musicians, our YaGe students have all scored excellent marks among the testing students in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

The Advantages of Taking ABRSM Music Examinations

  • ABRSM exams offer a structure for students who want to progress in music and offers incentives and rewards to students of all levels and abilities.
  • Studying music takes a long time! ABRSM exams provide students a way to measure their progress and gives them something to aspire to.
  • ABRSM exams produce well rounded musicians as the exam includes several components: performance, sight reading, technique, and aural skills.
  • Students who participate in ABRSM exams receive a professional certificate that is recognized by over 90 countries.
  • Students who wish to study music at the university level, can use their ABRSM music examination scores as references when applying to foreign universities.
  • Participating in the ABRSM exam increases the student’s confidence in learning music, and at the same time, emphasizes the joy that music brings!

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Wang Ziyuan
Performance Grade 6 – 130 points
Theory Grade 5 – 96 points

Wang Lingxingyi
Performance Grade 5 – 137 points

Huang Xukun
Performance Grade 7 – 135 points
Theory Grade 5 – 88 points