YaGe and Hillcrest

YaGe Community Arts Center is excited to announce the cooperation between YaGe and Hillcrest Academy, located in beautiful Fergus Falls, Minnesota, USA. Located just 20 minutes from Mrs. Picker’s hometown, and the school where she first began her music study, Hillcrest Academy (grades 7-12) is well known for its excellence in education and its successful international boarding school program provided for students (grades 9-12). The school program is well-balanced with strong academic structure for all students, regardless of their individual educational abilities and a dormitory environment that many students would say is second to none.

Hillcrest Academy has educated students for nearly 100 years (grades 7-12) and has been boarding students for over 26 years (grades 9-12). With this long tradition and experience, the staff and faculty of Hillcrest understand the needs and goals of international students.

International student ratio is carefully controlled. Hillcrest carefully controls the number of international students. Each dorm room has 1 international student living with 1 American student, which provides the international student a genuine English speaking environment. Hillcrest limits the number of international students that it will accept into their long-term study abroad program, and will accept only 12 Chinese students each year.

Hillcrest prepares international students for success in American Universities. 100% of International students who graduate from Hillcrest over the past five years attend a college or university in the United States. International students who attend Hillcrest Academy go to schools like: Rutgers, University of Connecticut, New York University, University of Washington, California Polytechnic State University, University of Minnesota, and other state and private institutions.

Hillcrest Academy offers two programs available for international students:

  • Hillcrest Summer Institute
  • Hillcrest Long-Term Study Abroad Program

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