About YaGe:

YaGe Community Arts Center is located in Kunming, Yunnan, China, and offers music, art, and English classes to students of all ages and levels. Our mission is to provide professional instruction in the fine and performing arts, to students of all ages and ability levels, within an English speaking environment. Over the past few years, our student body has grown to over 150 students with 10 faculty and staff.

At YaGe:

  • Our students don’t just learn to play instruments, they learn to love music!
  • Our YaGe classes’ stimulate interest, cultivate talent, and train world class musicians!
  • Our YaGe students participate in A.B.R.S.M exams, and receive an international education that prepares them for study abroad!
  • We serve each other, as well as the local and global community, by sharing our talents!

Stimulating Interest, Cultivating Talent, Training World-Class Musicians!

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YaGe Community Arts Center

Bei Chen Xiao Qu, Building #55, Storefront 101-102
Kunming, Yunnan, China


For more information call YaGe:
15288389430; 65655904